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About me

Hi and welcome to City Travel Journal, my travel blog.

I'm Boaz Albert. I develop websites, play with my band: "El Hameshorer," and travel a lot.

My wife, Dr. Liat Steir-Livny, and I are both divorced - she has two girls, and I have one. We live in Israel, in a town called Shoham, 10 Min. drive from Tel-Aviv international airport.

Liat is a researcher and lecturer of Holocaust Studies, and she's getting lots of invitations to international academic conferences all around the world. Usually, she asks me to join her. As so, we travel a lot. And while Liat spends her time mostly in conference venues, I'm exploring the ground.

​During my travels, I’ve noticed that there are many false recommendations out there. On the other hand, many magical, beautiful places are overlooked and not reviewed. I’ve decided to write this blog to share my experience and knowledge with you. I believe I can help many of you who travel with tips, recommendations, reviews, and insights. If you plan to visit the same destination, I think you will have a better experience after reading my blog.

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Boaz Albert