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Four Days in Wroclaw

Updated: May 16, 2020

Wroclaw is the capital of Lower Silesia province in the western south edge of Poland, and with almost 700K people it's the 4th largest city in the country. The unique location of the town, in a region rich with natural resources as coal, copper, and stones, made it a very desirable destination for rulers and invaders throughout history. In the past, the city was under the control of Polish kings and dukes, the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Kingdom of Hungary, the Austrian emperor, the Kingdom of Prussia and Germany. After WWII and the change of European borders, Wroclaw had become a Polish city again. These vicissitudes of history made Wroclaw a very Colorful, diverse and multi-culture city.

I explored Wroclaw for four days, and I wish I had more. I walked the city back and forth, trying not to walk the same street twice. Everywhere you go you'll find surprises: Little dwarves statues are hiding anywhere. Lots of unique monuments, reviving stories from the past and commemorate important historical events and people can be located in the city. Just walk and see them. This is a flat city, with almost no ups and downs – Ideal for walking.

The coffee shops and bars are marvelous: each got his unique design, makes you feel really blessed for being here. Liat told me she wants to come back for a few days just to sit in a coffee shop and work on her researches. I agree. I hope we come back soon.

Things you must do in Wroclaw:

  1. Eat Pierogi – a traditional food of Poland. It’s a filled dumpling that comes in different fillings like potatoes, meat, cheese, fruits and more. Try both the boiled pierogi and the fried one.

  1. Walk the streets.

  2. Drink Wiśniówka – a sweet Polish liqueur made of cherries and vodka.

  3. Drink Polish Draft beer – Poland enjoys from the flourishing of beer brewing. You will find some great beers at a low price. Try it.

  4. Take a walk to the Cathedral Island – such a charming place.

  1. Explore the beautiful Rynek.

  1. Take at least one guided tour. I'm taking lots of free guided tours when traveling (and always tipping the guides of course), but I never met great tour guides like those in Wroclaw. I took three different free tours, with three different guides – they were all brilliant and with a lot of knowledge. It was a great learning experience – and I'm recommending it.

  2. Search for dwarves. This is a very cool thing in Wroclaw – hundreds of dwarves are hiding throughout the city, telling the story of the sights they located in. There are even some apps that can direct you to all of them.


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