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Grand Caverns Virginia

Updated: May 16, 2020

The Grand Caverns are limestone caverns located in Grottoes, Virginia, 50 minutes-drive from Charlottesville. The site claims it discovered in 1804 and open to the public two years later. Today it operates by the town of Grottoes. In 2004 researchers found another 3 miles of the cave that isn't open to the public yet.

On arrival, the visitors can buy entrance cards at the old Cavern Inn, which nowadays serves as a souvenir shop. After purchasing the tickets, there is a slight climb to the entrance to the cave's entrance. While waiting for the tour to start, there is a small exhibit you can visit.

I joined a guided tour inside the cave (it's the only way to visit the caverns), and it was unique, with a spectacular variety of stalactites and sentinels in various forms. I've been there for two hours. Also, Inside the cave, you will see signatures of more than 200 soldiers from the civil war.

The temperature inside the caves is 12 degrees Celsius, so it's comfortable with the right clothes.

The Grand Caverns

The Cavern Inn & The Museum in the Entrance


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