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Monticello – Thomas Jefferson Residence

Updated: May 16, 2020

Monticello, located outside of Charlottesville, was the home of Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president of the United States, and the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Although he drafted the inspired words: "all men are created equal," he was a slave owner. As an architect, Jefferson design the Monticello, as he outlined the University of Virginia he founded, Both sites declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Jefferson is buried in a cemetery built inside the plantation. Reaching Monticello is by shuttles, driving from the visitor center that hosts several exhibitions on Jefferson's life. There are guided tours inside the house, and the visitor can go by themselves to the other buildings in the plantation, like the kitchen, the slaves quarters, the wine cellar, and more. It is optional to get back to the visitor center by foot, through the Monticello Cemetery.

The Visitors Center


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