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Wroclaw Rynek

Updated: May 16, 2020

The Wrocław Market Square is one of the largest former market squares in Poland - 213 meters long and 178 meters wide. In the heart of the market stands the late Gothic Town Hall with a 66-meter tower, nowadays serves as a museum. In the basement of the Town Hall works Świdnicka Cellar - one of the oldest pubs in Europe, running steadily from the 15th century. The square surrounded by 60 tenement houses founded by Wrocław patricians.

The Square hosts three popular landmarks: A reconstructed pillory where convicted people were punished. The pillory originally built at 1492 and reconstructed at 1985; The fountain established in honour of the former city mayor Bogdan Zdrojewski; and a monument of Alexander hr. Fredro that previously stood in Lviv. The Rynek is the place for Christmas markets, New Year's parties, religious, academic and military celebrations.

The Tenements

Town Hall

Świdnicka Cellar


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