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Edinburgh Castle

Updated: May 17, 2020

The most prominent landmark in the skyline of Edinburgh. A Huge fortress located on Castle Rock, which served as a royal castle from the 12th century. The castle was involved in many conflicts, and it has a significant part in Scottish history. Some museums are operating inside the castle building: The War Museum, a couple of Regiment museums; The One O'clock Gun exhibition; the Royal apartments, and the Main Hall. The most impressive building serves now as The Scottish National War Memorial. The biggest attraction of the castle is the Honours of Scotland: the oldest set of crown jewels dating to the 15th and 16th centuries. We waited in line for approximately 30 minutes to see them. Although this castle is enormous, it is very crowded. I'm glad I bought tickets online because the line to the ticket office was very long. I truly recommend buying tickets online, with priority to the opening hour, and then to go directly to see the Honours.

The view from the castle is outstanding.

Website: www.edinburghcastle.scot

Edinburgh Castle

View from Edinburgh Castle


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