• Boaz Albert

Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum

Updated: May 16, 2020

The main word to describe this not-so-big museum is eclectic. The museum claims to put the musicians that usually stand behind the singers, in the front. Excellent idea. We often remember a song because of a guitar riff or a dazzling musical line, but most of the people don't know who the men and women behind it are. So they got a good idea, but its implementation isn't successful at all. The museum is lack of soul. Large displays square with many items, musical instruments, pics, and videos of various musicians – no one can understand why they picked one musician over the other or why they choose to focus on a specific musical genre instead of others. So that despite the giant American-style displays – it looks like they missed the point. I felt emptiness.

The main building leads to another exhibit hall of the Grammy, with interactive displays that teach the visitors how music is created: the experience of live music, singing, songwriting, composing music, music editing, and production. As a musician, I found it a little boring, but I think that people who never been to a music studio may find it enjoyable.


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