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Tennessee State Museum

Updated: May 16, 2020

Tennessee State Museum is a sizeable 3-floors museum that tells both distant and near history of Tennessee and the region. From the history of the ancient Indians, through the tale of the new settlers, cultures from different times, politics, civil war, and the bloody role of Tennessee in it, slavery, and the rise of the big cities of Tennessee since the late-19th century. In the lobby, there is a custom Gibson electric guitar called "Old Hickory Les Paul" because of its unique story: In 1998, a tornado damages trees at the Hermitage – Andrew Jackson's home (the 7th president of the United States). Gibson used a 275-years old tulip poplar wood from those damaged trees to create a limited edition of 200 pieces. Only three of those had a unique banner, which highlights special moments of Jackson's life.

This is a very recommended museum. I had only two hours to explore it. But I'm sure I could have been there for at least one hour more. There are also games and activities for kids.

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