• Boaz Albert


Updated: May 18, 2020

Sopot is a seaside resort town north to Gdansk, full of touristic attractions, restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Liat read about it and told me we must go there. So, we did. It turns out to be a nice place, but nothing more. I might have changed my mind if I spent more time there or coming for recreation. But I'm not interested in holidays, but on trips and discovering new places. The town indeed has a cute 4.5 km sandy beaches, and a beautiful main street full of activity. And there is the longest wooden pier in Europe (entrance fee needed). However, I'm not sure that it justifies leaving Gdańsk. Maybe there are some better out-of-the-city options. Just saying…

Sopot Beach

Sopot Health Square

The Crazy House in Sopot

Sopot Pier

Sopot Main Street


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