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The Palaces and Gardens of Peterhof

Updated: May 17, 2020

The name Peterhof means in Dutch "Peter's Court." This compound served as the Tsars' resident until the communist revolution in 1918. The vast complex has extensive gardens, palaces, and fountains, and is spectacular. Although it's located 30 km from the center of St. Petersburg – means that you'll need something like 50-60 minutes' drive to get here – It can't be skipped no matter what.

Peterhof is considered to be the most significant fountain complex in the world. The all place was built from the beginning of the 18th century by Peter the Great. There are several palaces in here, and they are all museums now.

Don't miss the Trock Fountain Water Road in 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00 – Peter the Great built it in 1721 to amuse his guests: 300 almost unseen jets that will cool your day.

The entrance tickets to the garden and the royal residence must be purchased separately. After so many palaces in St. Petersburg, I preferred to spend my time in the garden. But I did buy tickets for the beautiful Church.

Peterhof Palaces

Peterhof Gardens



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