• Boaz Albert

California Science Center in Los Angeles

Updated: May 16, 2020

The California Science Center is located in the Exposition Park, near the Natural History Museum and the California African American Museum.

From the outside, the California Science Center looks very impressive. However, from the inside, it seems a little bit different: not so updated, with some old displays. There are even exhibitions with old TV's – and I don't mean that the TV is the object displayed – they are showing videos, as part of the presentation, on an old TV box. It seemed ridiculous and unworthy of a science museum. Maybe it's because of the entrance to the permanent displays is free. I didn't enter the temporary exhibition that required payment, but I believe it was new and shiny.

Although the exhibitions seem outdated, they deal with all the new issues of science: human inventions, life processes, ecosystems, air and space, and more.

However, the hundreds of school students running around seemed delighted from the museum as it is.


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