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Saint Louis Old Courthouse

Updated: May 16, 2020

After thirty years, the construction of the courthouse ended in 1862. It served as the City's courthouse until the 1930s and became a part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. With a magnificent Italian-Renaissance style iron dome, Greek Revival columns, balconies, and murals telling the history of St. Louis – it is an imposing building.

On the first floor, there is also an exhibition and a movie on Dred's case – A slave who tried to release his family. The case eventually reached the Supreme Court – who decided that Dred Scott has no right to appeal to the court because being a slave means he got no civil rights at all. This decision, from 1857, drew the carpet below those opposed to slavery. It says that the states have no authority to prevent slavery - and it was the flame that led to the Civil War and the final abolishment of slavery in the USA.

The entrance is free.

To the Old Courthouse Website


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