• Boaz Albert

Christmas Markets in Vienna

Updated: May 17, 2020

The main advantage of visiting Vienna in December is the Christmas Markets. In Israel, as a Jewish state, we celebrate Hannukah – for eight days, we light candles in the Menorah with the whole family. Therefore, visiting Christian countries in winter, with all the lights and colors, is such a big deal for us. It's hypnotic.

And Vienna is a great place for Christmas feeling. Tens of Christmas Markets are spread all over the city, making a celebration from each evening.

On our first evening, we visited the most significant Christmas Market at Rathausplatz, with its 150 stalls of decorations, food, and punch.

At the second and the third evenings we visited the Christmas Market at Stephanplatz. The market itself is not large, but the whole area is decorated and full of lights and colors.

At our last night in Vienna, we visited the Christmas Market of Schönbrunn Palace, which has excellent food, but no hotdogs… weird.

Each market is characterized by its own punch glasses. We took back three of them as a reminder:


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