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Wroclaw City Museum at the Royal Palace

Updated: May 16, 2020

The history museum is the main branch of the City Museum. It's located in the royal residence of the Prussian Hohenzoler kings from the 17th century.

The permanent exhibition tells the story of 1,000 years' city, and it's fascinating.

However, I was deeply saddened to see how the museum brutally eradicates the fate of the Jews during the Holocaust. The museum refers to Jewish life before the war, and even the deportations made by the Nazis but does not explain the deportations at all - they were deported to extermination camps where they were brutally murdered. The museum adds sin to crime and misleads visitors, who may think that the Jewish community was not harmed during the Holocaust. Through a video presentation, they show the population changes made in the city following the war. And since the Polish and Jewish population of the city of Lviv was transferred to Wroclaw, the community seemed to be growing due to the war. The lack of reference to Jewish fate produces deception, and unfortunately, it appears to be intentional. I asked my wife Liat, who is an expert in Holocaust memory design, to come and see for herself because I fear that I might be missing something. She wrote a letter to the museum's management claiming that this was a distortion of memory - but they wrote to her that they are addressing these issues while guiding the visitors, and they see no problem with it at all. The thing is, most visitors who come to the museum receive no guidance, and this horrible and dark chapter in the city's history - in which thousands fled before the war began, and about 10,000 were sent directly to their deaths by the Nazis - simply ignored.

Admission is free

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